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Meet Daniel.

Daniel is a Fortune 50 software engineer who’s built applications for AT&T, Michelin, and PepsiCo. 

He also loves to use AI to enhance and automate business processes.

Trusted by readers from top companies like IBM and John Deere, Daniel’s newsletter provides AI insights, tools, and courses to help you automate your business fast and efficiently.

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What People Are Saying

"Daniel’s cheat sheet completely improved my sales process. The scripts I generated have helped me convert more leads and break new records!"
Ryan, Iowa
“This guide changed my perspective on how to issue prompts to ChatGPT. I've streamlined several areas of my new career coaching business with this process.”
Will, Texas
"Interesting articles discussing both pros and cons of AI. It's always fascinating reading about the future of this cutting-edge technology!”
Mary, California

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